The Last Days
The end of June

It is the end of June. Students are gone. Teachers are gone. Just a skleleton administrative staff is present at school. Their job is a sad one but necessary - the final closing of the building and the furnishings that were a part of HFS. But these were merely the trappings that identified it as school. For it was the people that used the building that were the heart and soul of HFS. It is eerily quiet for a building that once rang with the sounds of children learning - laughing - playing - praying. These were the sounds of a school and will no longer be heard as Holy Family closes its doors on June 30th for the final time. Throughout the halls remembrances of times past surface as the stray photo is found at the bottom of a drawer or one comes across an old booklet for some event. So many memories! Just as it is necessary for a caretaker to settle the affairs of a loved one who has passed on, so we settle the affairs of Holy Family School whose time has ended. It was a good life - full of purpose and rich in experience! It will remain alive in our memories. It has enriched all our lives! Godspeed Holy Family! May God always hold those you touched in the hollow of His Hand!